The Best Baby Play and Floor Mats  

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Parents are using baby play and spill mats to protect their babies from bumps and falls and also to protect their flooring from spills and stains. These mats provide a soft and comfortable surface for your child to play and come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

Skip Hop Play Spot

The Skip Hop Play Spot is a mat that consists of several 14" x 14" tiles. When put together they cover a 70" x 56" area and can be configured in a variety of ways to fit your room's layout. This baby play mat is extremely easy to put together and take apart. The surface of the mat is very soft and will keep your baby happy and safe while they crawl around and play, but it's also designed for kids of all ages.

Baby Genius Cuddle Pals Play Mat

The Baby Genius Cuddle Pals Play Mat has several interactive features and bright colors that will keep your baby stimulated. This mat contains several characters that have squeaky noses, floppy ears and crinkly hats. It also features a mirror and a rattle. This baby play mat measures 39" x 39" and is machine and surface washable. Spills can be easily wiped up. This mat encourages your baby to move around and discover all the interesting things to touch and explore.

Soft Mat

The Soft Mat is an extremely soft mat and measures 60" x 40". It is double sided and machine washable. This baby spill and play mat has bright colors and includes a mirror, different textures and a speaker. Your baby is encouraged to crawl around and get acquainted with all the different characters offered while being protected from any bumps or falls.

Any of these baby play mats would be a great choice for you or as a gift.

Alphabet ‘n Numbers Foam Puzzle Baby Play Mat  

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Baby play mats are ideal for parents who want to protect their babies as they start to crawl, sit up and walk. These mats offer thick cushion for the inevitable slips and falls that will occur. Some mats come in solid colors and others are more colorful and stimulating. The Alphabet ‘n Numbers Foam baby play mat features colorful letters and numbers to entertain your baby while playing.

The mats measure 36 square feet and comes with borders. It is made of high density EVA foam is about 7/16 inch thick. Each individual foam square is about 12” and is removable and washable. There are 26 removable letters and 10 removable numbers. Babies love to remove the letters and numbers from the baby floor mat and play with them. You may want to watch your child while they play with the mat because they may want to chew on them.

The pieces fit together extremely well and are very durable. The Alphabet ‘n Numbers Foam baby play mat comes with a transparent vinyl storage bag that makes transporting the mat convenient. Baby play mats are perfect for parents who have hardwood or tile floors. These padded mats easily protect the baby from bumps and falls. They are also a comfortable place for a nap or snack. The can also be used to protect baby spills from getting on the floor or carpet while your child is eating. These foam baby play mats are easy to wash and they dry quickly.